Rhode Island Gaming Laws

Code Section
11-19-1 et seq.; 41-3-1 et seq

Directly or indirectly setting up, publicly or privately, any chance, game or device for the purpose of disposing of money, or assisting others in such actions.

Horse Racing/Off-Track Betting
Licensed horse racing, on-track pari-mutuel wagering legal

Dog Racing/Off-Track Betting
Licensed dog racing, on-track pari-mutuel wagering legal in cities of Burrillville, Lincoln, and West Greenwich

Casinos Allowed?
Operation of gambling places prohibited

Other Kinds of Gambling-Related Activities Allowed or Banned
Bingo and raffles in senior citizen housing; bingo sponsored by charitable organizations; licensed jai alai within frontons in city of Newport are legal. Bookmaking, unlicensed horse races are illegal. Governmental lotteries allowed

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